Change Motivator #4

Today I am unsweetening my diet to be more emotionally level.

Sugar influences emotional highs and lows. Sugar can be the ultimate comfort and, more about without it, there I am left to deal with my emotions in other ways. This is both good and a cost to giving it up. It is good because I don’t need to be a slave to moderating my emotions with sugar (which is essentially an addiction response); I will be freer and have the opportunity to be more in control of how I feel. It can be challenging, advice though, as it is hard to do this sometimes and sugar is much easier.

Today, I don’t think I am so much feeling effects of sugar lows (though, this is probably part of it), as I am feeling more emotionally on edge and needing to constantly catch myself, as my thoughts move to what I can eat that would be soothing. This is never the exact thought – it is more about what would really taste good right now – but I know better that it is getting away from my frustration or boredom that I aspire to. Sitting with and through emotions is not always easy! It has been an OK third day, though.
Today I am unsweetening my diet to live a healthier and (hopefully) longer life.

Much could be said on this, ask but I am mostly shooting for feeling better in my body seeing where it takes me.  I have a fair bit of structure supporting my eating right now, buy cialis but it can sometime be hard to defer the short term pleasure for the long term outcome.  A bit more mindfulness on my part seems to be helping.

What helps you to think more about your health and less about the sweet, sweet temptation in front of you (or calling you from the kitchen)?