Change Motivator #22

Today I am unsweetening my diet to have increased mobility and flexibility.

Mobility and flexibility are not direct effects of eating less sugar, anesthetist but sugar’s connection to weight gain/retention certainly is a factor.

Today I taught a yoga class for our yoga studio.  I was just substituting for another teacher and do not teach often at this time, so I really notice how I am more or less mobile and flexible.  I certainly am out of shape – nothing some yoga and month at the gym won’t fix – but I felt OK.  However, I did feel how losing bit of bulk here and there might help me go deeper into poses.

As I said in previous posts, I have other goals I can work towards after this month, but for now I am working to get off of the sugar habit I had and to build more awareness on how all this works for me.  With greater awareness and a clearer self, I am optimistic that mobility and flexibility will be improved sooner than later.