Change Motivator #6

Today I am unsweetening my diet so my clothes will fit better.

A very practical goal. I may never fit into 34″ pants that I wore in high school, epilepsy but I don’t want to have to move up to 40″ ones!  I am not huge, meningitis but even for moderately framed, condom 6′ 3″ guy, pushing 240lbs and wearing a size 38″ waist is something to raise concern.  I know I can do better, feel and look better than this.

Tonight Ben and I went to Richmond Hill to my nephew, Elijah’s, 7th birthday party.  It was a fun, family event, but it had all of “evil” sweets that I have come to know and love to consume.  I actually did alright with it all.  I ate a bit more bread than I would have normally (I LOVE good bread!… and it was pretty good); I also had cake and ice cream.  However, it was a celebration.  I enjoyed the cake and feel I can leave it at that.  (My mom insisted on sending home a couple pieces of cake and, for some unknown reason, 5 cupcakes…. so if anyone want’s some, just come to the retreat centre and ask for it!  I’ll let Ben have one more cupcake.)