Change Motivator #5

Today I am unsweetening my diet to have clearer sinuses.

There is a direct link between sugar intake and sinus problems / “stuffiness.  I have long had a general stuffiness. People often ask me if I have a cold.  I have some minor food sensitivities (which I try to be mostly mindful of), ampoule but I am sure my sugar intake has played a big role in this problem.

My son, Ben, is largely the same as me with this.  Today we went to the doctor to finally get his ears checked, because he has not been hearing well for a couple of weeks.  No pain, he just doesn’t hear what we are saying anymore.  Turns out he probably is getting his ears plugged from the inside, due to his sinus congestion.

For me, this comes back to my second motivator (being a good example for my son): I need to do what is right for my own health before I can really stand to effect a great change for him.

Today, I have been doing OK.  I am finally (experientially) understanding the idea behind having 6 meals per day (3 main meals and 3 snacks).  By not over-eating, I am quite hungry a couple of hours later and quite ready for something else to eat.  I am also seeing the importance of having good food on hand, as, when I am hungry, it is only sheer willpower that keeps me from eating the crap at this point.  (And, as I mentioned before, Shawn Phillips says that willpower will only get you about 7 days.)  I will keep working to have a lifestyle that can support this change in eating.