Change Motivator #8

Today I am unsweetening my diet for more energy.

As we probably all know, more about sugar’s energy burst is short lived, whereas energy from more wholesome foods, with more complex carbs, keep the energy going longer.  Along with the effects of using minimal caffeine (a previous weaning of mine), I have noticed that less sugar keeps my energy more stable during the day.  There are far less lulls and I don’t seem as stressed or “spin” as much.  I am sure it is early still and I will notice more with this later, but it is nice to feel the shift I have had already.

Today I am finding it easier to reach for the almonds or types of combined veggie proteins (i.e. mixing any two of nuts, seeds, legumes or grains) rather than the sweets.  The urge to use the sweets (and eating in general) as a transition or distraction is still there, though…. like, “Time for a break; what can I eat.”  I just reorient myself until I am truly hungry.  It will come with time.