Midway Update

You probably noticed a drop off in my updates over the 10 days.  No, and I did not fall off the wagon (maybe for blogging, remedy but not for the challenge).  I still have kept to the basic tenets of my challenge:

  1. only eat sweets that rank 10/10 on an awesomeness scale
  2. only eat sweets socially (i.e. no sneaking cookies when no one is looking!)
  3. never eat carbs alone

I have, however, eased off a bit on the formal daily motivators.  In a way I haven’t stopped, because I still am thinking daily about how no eating loads of awesome, Xmas treats is helping me to lose weight, feel healthier, fit into my clothes better, etc.  I am just not always formally choosing one each day and then blogging about it.

Here are a few of the motivators that I have used over the past 10 days:

  • feel healthier
  • happier digestive tract
  • less dental problems
  • could stabilize HDL (cholesterol) levels

I have also slacked off on the food journaling that I started off so well with.  Currently I have been quite mindful of what I eat and this has made it easy to let it slide.

This sporadic use of motivators and tracking what I eat can be dangerous, though, as I may be underestimating my ability to “flow with it” more and might struggle as I get closer to Christmas. I will pick up the daily motivators and food journaling again tomorrow to keep the conscious, “eye on the prize” thinking going.

Overall, I am happy with the modest changes I have made to my diet.  I have actually been able to keep some of the Christmas baking we have in the fridge, totally untouched: I can see the greater good in not eating it or substituting it with a snack or meal with some good protein.  It doesn’t mean that I haven’t had treats, but, again, I have kept to my main rules.  I can feel the difference and it is nice… modest, but nice.