Change Motivator #20

Today I am unsweetening my diet to have a stronger immune system.

Sugar suppresses the immune system’s ability to fight off all of the baddies that want to invade our body.  Stress will do this too.  The two of them together are a potentially lethal combination for your health.

Quite a few years back, misbirth I had a long series of deep infections that would come and go quickly enough, ed but still keep coming and coming.  It was VERY painful and the doctors that I was seeing just kept me on a series of antibiotics.  They worked fine, ampoule but did not resolve the issue.  It was only when I went to my first Naturopath (Dr Ingard) that he took the time to talk to me about my stress and got my diet back on track.  (I am not dissing MDs here, this is just the way it worked out.  However, I have been only impressed with the Naturopaths I know.)

As I am by nature a pretty anxious and ADD-like guy, I know that stress comes easily to me.  (This is the main reason I took up yoga years ago.)  So, if stress is s fluctuating constant in my life (though it is getting better), being mindful of sugar intake is crucial if I don’t want to tempt fate with staying healthy.