Change Motivator #19

(See “Midway Update” post to find out where the previous 10 motivators went.)

Today I am unsweetening my diet to have less stress.

Stress is part of life but it also has a lot to do with our perspective:  what stresses me out may just roll off your back.  Still, information pills
despite the ubiquitous, yet relative nature of stress, it also is hugely affected by sugar.

We’ve all heard of the “sugar high” (and crash) sweets can give us.  Our emotions and stress can follow along with it… I know mine do.  Eating less sugar (and the sugar I do eat, consuming it more wisely) I have noticed less ups and downs with my stress.  I am more level and don’t let the little things set me off.  I have the skills to cope well with the stress (when I remember to use them), but having less of a roller coaster of sugar makes it easier to employ them well.